A League That Makes You Better

Our Mission

As the nation’s premier developmental summer collegiate baseball league the Mile High Collegiate Baseball League (MHCBL) prides itself on providing our players with the best coaching and playing experience in the country.

A good steward is responsible for caring for something they have been entrusted with. As a steward of collegiate athletes the MHCBL helps ensure all players have the opportunity to receive instruction from high-quality coaches, improve skills, grow as young men and return to their programs in better condition than they arrived.

In the MHCBL coaches do not just fill out lineup cards. Coaches develop players and give them an outlet to improve themselves without the fear of being cut or sent home. Players are encouraged to work on areas of their game they may struggle with in hopes of showing improved proficiency when they return to their programs.

What Makes Us

A player who plays in the Mile High Collegiate League is a player who acknowledges that there is something they need to work on, to improve upon so they can become a contributing factor with their school. The MHCBL is the perfect outlet for this kind of player. We pride ourselves on giving players the ability to work on their flaws without the fear of being cut, sent home or seeing a reduction in playing time.

If you’re afraid to fail in our summer league then your going to be equally afraid to fail when you return to school in the fall or spring. You know you need to get better and so do we. The MHCBL is the only development minded summer college league in the country that will give you this opportunity.