Scout Day 2018

The MHCBL provides each player with the ability to showcase their skills for college recruiters and MLB scouts at our annual Scout Day.

Believing that current testing techniques are dated and non-functional, TMX Baseball uses state of the art laser gate technology to get exact and precise measurements from every drills players run through.

An old stand-by in the testing community is the 60 yard dash. However when is the last time you saw a baseball player sprint 60 yards in a straight line on a baseball field.? The answer is never and if you have seen it, that player did something incredibly wrong! TMX brings functionality to its baseball testing. Instead of running straight line 60’s, TMX tests runnings going from second base to home plate. This is still 60 yards, just bent on a 90 degree angle however from this run, recruiters and scouts can gleam a multitude of data points including 10 yard splits (indicative of total speed), 3rd base split (route running) and home plate finish (overall baserunning ability). This is just one of the many tests that TMX Baseball provides and measures.